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  • November 13, 2013
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  • November 1, 2013


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  • The Source - November 25, 2013
    High pressure returns out west with a slight warming trend into mid week in front of the next storm system. Desert area temperatures will remain in the low 70s as another cut-off low pressure storm system looks to slide down the California coast over the Holiday moving into the desert regions by Friday. This system looks to bring another round of rain, winds and cooler temperatures over the weekend.
  • The Outlook - November 21, 2013
    As we begin to ramp up production from the desert growing regions of California and Arizona the first storm system of the season will impact the region into the weekend. A slow moving cut-off low pressure system off the California coast will move east today. This system, currently off the Southern California, will bring precipitation, strong winds and cooler temperatures to the Desert locals over the next few days. This slow moving system will impact much of California and Arizona as it moves eastward beginning tonight.
  • The Source - November 20, 2013
    The incoming storm system out west will develop into a cut off low off the California coast today slowly sliding down the coast through the week. This system currently impacting Central California will bring rain to Southern California by tomorrow with widespread precipitation expected in the desert regions over the weekend. Cooler temperatures will persist throughout the region as this system exits to the east Monday. Precipitation totals are very difficult to predict with these cut off systems but any rainfall is much needed throughout the region.
  • The Source - November 18, 2013
    The transition to a wet weather pattern begins out west this week as an elongated low pressure system swings into California on Tuesday. Another system enters the mix on Wednesday possibly forming a cut-off low later this week. Precipitation is not expected to be heavy with these storms with up to ½ inch possible to the north and much less in Southern California. The Desert regions will see seasonal temperatures in the high 70s into Thursday, cooling to the high 60s by Friday with a chance of showers with the approaching storm systems.
  • The Source - November 11, 2013
    Slight cooling trend begins today out west as the next low pressure system moves into northern California. Precipitation will remain north of the Salinas Valley as high pressure builds mid-week. Temperatures will remain in the mid to upper 70s with cool mornings in the mid 40s. The desert regions will continue with unseasonably warm temperatures (Upper 80s) early this week cooling to seasonal norms (Upper 70s) by the weekend.
  • The Source - November 6, 2013
    Slight warming trend continues today as high pressure builds out west in front of the next low pressure system expected early next week. Temperatures will remain in the mid to upper 70s with cold mornings in the mid 30s. Next real threat of rain is forecast to arrive the beginning of next week.
  • The Source - November 4, 2013
    The fight between high and low pressure systems (fall and winter) continues on the west coast. Slight warming trend begins today as high pressure returns in front of the next low pressure system expected mid week. Temperatures will remain in the mid 60s to low 70s with clod mornings in the mid 30s. Next real threat of rain is forecast around mid November.