Local & Green Initiatives

Local Initiatives

Freedom Fresh is committed to our environment and sustainability.  We understand the importance of supporting local farms which strengthens the local economy and protects farmland.  Additionally we are continually searching for ways to further reduce our carbon footprint and our overall impact on the environment.

Green Initiatives

Some of our green initiatives include a paper and cardboard recycling program, as well as a routing system to reduce transit time and fuel consumption.  In addition, Freedom Fresh hired Enetric and Advanced Energy Solutions to assist in an energy reduction project.  The results were a reduction in energy consumption of 622,144 kWh per year in addition to 972,054 pounds of carbon dioxide; 361 barrels of oil; 274 tons of coal and 7,319 pounds of sulfur dioxide.  These outstanding results were the equivalent of removing the carbon dioxide emissions of 81 vehicles per year.

Greener Fields Together

Freedom Fresh is a proud partner in Greener Fields Together, a groundbreaking sustainability program for the entire produce value chain.  This initiative was created by Pro*Act to implement sustainability practices that will improve environmental impact as well as ensure the availability and safety of produce for our customers in all industry segments.  This program provides our customers with a distinct advantage in quality, value, local product sourcing and safety, while promoting and encouraging sustainability improvements at all levels of the produce industry.  The program supports local produce as well as waste management, efficiencies in transportation, and community and philanthropic involvement.  Please view the video below to learn more about this important initiative and visit the Greener Fields Together website by clicking on the logo.  If you are interested in getting involved in Greener Fields Together, ask your sales representative for more information.