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Facility and Fleet



Freedom Fresh operates out of a 100,000 square foot, state of the art facility.  Over the years, continuous improvements and investments have been made to protect the product, better serve our customers and become more efficient. However, the most significant of these has been the implementation of the warehouse management system.  This RF based system allows for all inbound and outbound product to be bar coded and scanned.  This translates to fewer errors, increased operational efficiency and most importantly complete traceability. Other facility features include:

  • A fully refrigerated loading dock
  • 2 Generators that provide up 100% backup to the entire facility
  • 10 Independently climate and humidity controlled coolers
  • 34 Loading Doors
  • Secured card key access and control
  • Video monitoring of entire facility
  • 7 Forced air pre-coolers
  • An automated hydro-cooler


Freedom Fresh’s fleet consists of over thirty fully refrigerated vehicles ranging from tractor trailers and straight trucks to vans.  All are equipped with GPS devices which track routes and provide accurate arrival times.  In addition, a state of the art routing program is used to not only ensure timely delivery requirements, but also the most efficient routes to minimize fuel consumption.