Foodservice Division

This division services the requirements of foodservice operators ranging from fast casual to fine dining as well as schools, universities, hotels, hospitals, country clubs and retirement communities.  Started in 2008, this division has become the fastest growing by anticipating, understanding and responding to our customers’ needs.   

Retail Division

Our retail division is focused on the needs of retailers ranging in size from small independent markets to large national grocery stores.  Whether it be setting up a program for sourcing local products or a full service solution for all their fresh produce needs, we have the expertise and personnel available.

Wholesale Division

With access to a full line of conventional and organic fruits and vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and specialty items as well as the company’s buying power, this division services Wholesalers throughout the state of Florida.

Cruise Ship Division

This highly specialized division provides the cruise ship industry with fresh produce year-round, while working through the associated logistical problems.  Whether it be loading a ship in Port Everglades or sending a container to meet a ship in a Caribbean port, our years of experience in this market allows us to ensure quality to our customers.

Export Division

Our export division serves the needs of our customers in the Caribbean, Latin and South America.  In addition to providing these international wholesalers, retailers and resorts with access to over 2,000 different produce items, our experienced and highly trained team offer sales support and recommendations tailored to each location.

Services Division

This division receives, pre-cools, stores and ships produce for third party importers.  We use state of the art pre-coolers and/or a hydro-cooler to bring down temperatures as quickly as possible to arriving product, thereby ensuring their shelf life as they continue onto destinations all over the world.